‘Protect Ya Neck’ Anti-Tech Neck Workout
3x Rounds
10x Nod Chin To Chest
10x Rotations Left
10x Rotations Right
10x Left Ear to Shoulder
10x Right Ear to Shoulder

*You will probably be sore tomorrow from this… stop staring down at your phone all day!

Get ~5:00 of Mobility

Examples: https://warriormindset.us/mobility-recovery/ 


“Deck of Cards”
Spades – Air Squats
Clubs – Push-ups
Hearts – Sit-Ups
Diamonds – Burpees

**Pull each card out of a shuffled deck, each # of the card matching the suit is the amount of reps you do. Pull one last card, # of that card is the amount of rounds you do. Get after it…

*Comment with questions, bonus points if you share a “DONE” or post workout selfie!