Why I Train Martial Arts

Why I Train Martial Arts

This is the way

I am an avid CrossFitter, Weight Lifter and overall fitness lover, but I have never found anything quite like Martial Arts. Between Karate, that I currently hold a Shodan 1st Degree Blackbelt in, Muai Tai Boxing and Jiu-Jitsu training on the regular. There is nothing that has challenged me both mentally and physically, at the same time, than these practices have.

Martial Arts has a really great way of exposing your weaknesses and helping to expose the real you. Helping you find the path or your “why” more easily than other types of athletics mainly because of the mental or heartfelt journey you find yourself taking more so than just a physically based activity.

5 Mountains

Mark Divine’s 5 Mountains is the antithesis of this concept.

  1. Physical Control & Development
  2. Mental Toughness & Development
  3. Emotional Awareness & Resiliency
  4. Awareness & Intuition
  5. Kokoro Spirit “Grit”

I truly hope you find someplace to learn the way, wherever you are. If I can help in any way just message me anytime.

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