Tony Blauer – “Know Fear”

Tony Blauer – “Know Fear”

We are joined by Tony Blauer [@TonyBlauer] creator of the SPEAR System [@Spear.System]. With 40+ Years in martial arts, self-defense, defensive tactics, and the combatives industry he likely has more experience in teaching Self Defense than anyone alive. He has a saying that rings true not only in Martial Arts but in LIFE; “People who manage fear, manage to fight”, listen in as we dig into what getting to “know fear” can do for you.

WHF Podcast 29 – FEAR

WHF Podcast 29 – FEAR


Or F.E.A.R. or False Expectations Appearing Real…

How do you manage your own fear?
How do you utilize fear?
How do you conquer fear?

These are questions we ask ourselves… What do you do?

How do I define fear? It’s when I’m visualizing a future event that hasn’t even happened and it’s impacting how I think and feel in the present.

Tony Blauer