Get set for an adventure into personal mastery! Heather and I promise a journey of self-discovery as we share insights into becoming a ‘dangerous’ person – a term we use to describe someone possessing mental resilience, physical strength, and a deep sense of self-awareness. Guiding you through the five mountains of self-mastery, as taught to me by Coach Mark Divine, we’ll arm you with practical advice on developing mental, physical, and spiritual strength.

This episode is not just about mental grit; we explore the therapeutic power of writing down your negative thoughts and setting clear goals. We share our personal experiences and strategies for maintaining focus and holding boundaries. Inspired by a quote from Warren Buffet, we delve into the importance of prioritizing and the value of saying ‘no’. We also highlight the significance of physical strength, discussing our experiences with fitness challenges like 75 Hard and No Zero.

We’ll get candid about the importance of venting and trusting allies, the potential pitfalls of holding grudges, and how to build self-awareness. We encourage you to embrace discomfort, overcome fear, and step out of your comfort zone. By the end of the episode, you’ll be ready to confront your fears and uncertainties with integrity, and become an all-around badass, fully equipped to tackle any obstacle that comes your way. So, buckle up and get ready for a deep dive into the journey towards becoming a ‘dangerous’ person!


(0:00:00) – Becoming a Dangerous Person
Becoming a dangerous person through mental fortitude, self-mastery, physical strength, and spiritual control, with listener questions answered.

(0:06:29) – Write Down Negativity, Prioritize Goals
Writing down negative thoughts, getting enough sleep, setting goals, and staying focused are discussed in this chapter.

(0:13:55) – The Challenges of Saying No
Mental fortitude, physical strength, setting boundaries, saying no, speaking up, helping others, and prioritizing well-being.

(0:23:11) – Physical Strength, Growth Mindset, and Self-Control
Physical and mental strength, growth mindset, fitness challenges, taking control, and achieving personal goals.

(0:33:18) – Importance of Venting and Trusting Allies
Choosing the right person to vent with, holding grudges, trust, and accountability in relationships.

(0:43:33) – Building Self-Awareness and Finding Balance
Push yourself out of comfort zone for growth, replacing bad habits, building self-awareness, and disconnecting from technology and hustle culture.

(0:58:09) – Developing Strength and Overcoming Negative Thoughts
Personal development, taking action, “no zero days”, physical strength, stepping outside comfort zones, small steps towards goals.

(1:04:14) – Embracing Fear and Uncertainty With Integrity
Daily goals, leading by example, integrity, overcoming fear, and personal growth through consistent effort and staying grounded in our beliefs.

(1:10:21) – Lessons in Business Leadership
Leading with integrity is discussed through personal stories of confronting anti-gay beliefs and navigating difficult tasks.

(1:18:20) – Dangerous Actions and Ambition
Confident individuals with clear identities and goals can be seen as dangerous and admirable. Surround yourself with strong and authentic people.

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