Have you ever experienced the chills of fear, the adrenaline rush, a pounding heartbeat? We all have, in this episode, let’s dissect fear. We talk about how fear works as a keen sense of intuition, warning us of dangers and urging caution.

We navigate through the thin line that separates bravery from foolishness, drawing inspiration from the incredible Alex Honnold, the renowned free climber who uses fear as a tool, not an obstacle. But it’s not just about reckless daredevils – we also explore how fear informs decisions in the ordinary, everyday aspects of life. For instance, how the responsibility of parenthood can shape our risk-taking abilities.

We also take a fascinating detour to discuss the impact of internet culture on real-world human behavior, and how respect can be commanded through a healthy dose of fear. We’ll also talk through the role of mantras like ‘check yourself before you wreck yourself’, and how the shift from stress to “stoke” can morph fear into excitement.


(0:00:08) – Exploring Fear and Overcoming Challenges
We discuss fear, harnessing it and using it to our advantage, different types of fear, and experiences with fear.

(0:12:07) – Fear, Risk, and Decision-Making in Life
Facing fears of heights and enclosed spaces, and the impact of having children on decision-making, are discussed to inform decisions and overcome fear.

(0:23:26) – Overcoming Fear and Taking Action
We discuss setting goals, overcoming fear, and sharing stories to use fear to our advantage.

(0:36:42) – Brave Vs. Foolish
We explore bravery, foolishness, preparation, fear, respect, and consequences.

(0:43:25) – Parental Behavior at Youth Soccer Games
We explore the STOP method, UDA loop, and mantra of “clear the mechanism” to make informed decisions and be mindful in the face of fear.

(0:50:34) – Overcoming Fear and Anxiety
Mantras, mindful awareness, and shifting mindset help channel fear into excitement and practice can help overcome it.

(1:05:07) – Overcoming Fear Episode
We discuss mantras, mindful awareness, and overcoming fear to stay true to ourselves.

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