Heather and I discuss the book written by Sensei Larry Isaac “Wherever the Path Leads”. A gripping and honest look at a martial artist making his way through the 60’s in America to Vietnam and training Karate in Okinawa.

In this autobiography of Sensei Larry Isacc’s life through being a Marine in Vietnam during the 60’s and chronicling his history through training Martial Arts across the world.

This book is a great story of a man who learns to use his martial arts training to become the very best version of himself he could be. His is a story of true transformation coming from the south during the 60’s in America to being deployed to Vietnam and full combat to his finding Karate and eventually training with the old masters in Okinawa (the birthplace of Karate).

Wherever the Path Leads: One Marine’s Pursuit of the Karate Way through Okinawa, Vietnam, and the United States

A young Larry Isaac joined the Marines to avoid the self-destructive path he saw in those around him. He loved the challenge of the Marines…the comradery…the learning. Most of all, he loved the martial arts. How could he balance duty to Corps and Country while trying desperately to find out about this strange art called karate? Join Larry Isaac, Hanshi, Okinawa Kenpo, as he describes his journey from a racially divided United States, into Vietnam, and eventually to the shores of Okinawa, Japan.

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