WHF Podcast 24 – Good Fuel and the importance of HIIT

WHF Podcast 24 – Good Fuel and the importance of HIIT

Fueling Well

Check when you’re eating, how much your eating. How much snacking/grazing are you doing?

Walking is great! Getting outside and walking the dog or with the kids is awesome but you need to be hitting your 3+ days a week for your HIIT training.

Hi Intensity Training “HIIT” is great for your cardio vascular or respiratory health, especially when fighting off or getting you through COVID-19…

Respiratory Rate and COVID-19

WHOOP is investigating a potential connection between changes in respiratory rate and COVID-19 symptoms. We believe that a noticeable increase in respiratory rate is a measurable precursor of coronavirus symptoms based on individual cases that we have seen in our data. We are studying this possible link with our research partners in an effort to better understand this current health crisis.

Read about the WHOOP stuff here.


BCAA, Glutamine, Krill Oil, Bubs Naturals Collagen

Tiger King… WTF?!

WTF Tiger King Moments…

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WHF Podcast 24 – Good Fuel and the importance of HIIT

WHF Podcast 23 – Taste Testing Breakfast Cereals

Magic Spoon

Heather is always looking for better alternatives to everyday foods for us. She found Magic Spoon. (https://magicspoon.com) and we set out to compare their different types with the ones we all grew up with as kids, you know the very awesome sugary goodness ones!

We use a natural blend of monk fruit, stevia, and allulose. Allulose is a “rare” sugar found in things like figs and maple syrup. It tastes just like “regular” sugar, but has zero glycemic impact and almost zero calories (less than 0.4 cal/g).

Gym Updates:

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