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This was originally a LIVE broadcast on our YouTube channel.

Topics Covered in this Episode of WM:

Taking responsibility – extreme ownership
Detachment. Detaching for clear thinking and decision making.
Importance of having thick skin.
How to stay on the path.
How to let go of resentment.
Be clear in your mind in what you intend to achieve.
Does apologizing show weakness?
Drive through milestones. Beware the urge to quit when you hit a milestone or big goal.
Balance (balance in life/work/play)
How do you evaluate opportunities. Doing too much or too little. Saying No.


Rob Harr

Rob Harr

Getting some of that good old Midwestern common sense based advice! 

I am a second generation developer and software consultant who started learning to program at 12 years old. As Co-founder and Vice President of Sparkbox, I learned to run a web business. The most important and enjoyable part of my job is the human side of things- whether it’s helping a client solve a problem or talking through solutions with the great team at Sparkbox.

When I’m not at Sparkbox or helping others be awesome, I hang around Dayton, Ohio with my wife, two kids, and a crazy Aussie dog. I love to golf and cook meat over open flames.

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