When Dr. Peter Attia’s book “Outlive: The Science of Art and Longevity” hit the shelves and he started making the Podcast Rounds, I found myself both challenged and enlightened by the hefty content he presents. Let’s face it, his approach and teaching is dense, but the promise of unlocking the secrets to a longer, more vibrant life is worth the effort. We kick off the episode by unpacking the intricacies of lifespan, health span, and longevity, along with Attia’s preventative health strategies that transcend the typical advice. It will leave you considering not just how long you live, but how well.

Have you ever wondered if you’re investing enough in your physical health to reap the long-term benefits? We address the pivotal role of physical activity, emphasizing that diet alone won’t get us to our best selves. The surprising effects of exercise on conditions like type two diabetes are profound, and we debunk the myths while discussing the psychological barriers that might be holding you back from starting. Rounding off this episode as a sort of book review, we delve into a resource rich with scientifically backed advice on exercise, nutrition, sleep, and mental health. For those of you aiming to enhance your lifestyle, this episode isn’t just informative—it’s a call to action for a healthier, more conscious existence.

Outlive: the Science & Art of Longevity by Peter Attia Review


  • Comprehensive exploration of longevity, blending science and practical advice.
  • Attia dives into various factors influencing lifespan, from genetics to lifestyle choices.
  • Provides actionable tips for enhancing longevity, including diet, exercise, and mindset.
  • Incorporates personal anecdotes and scientific research for a balanced perspective.
  • Empowers readers to take control of their health and lifespan through informed decisions.

Our Source: https://www.colinkeeley.com/blog/outlive-book-summary 

Chapter 1: Introduction to Longevity

Attia introduces the concept of longevity and its importance.

Discusses common misconceptions and myths surrounding longevity.

Chapter 2: The Biology of Aging

Explores the biological processes underlying aging, such as cellular damage and inflammation.

Discusses the role of genetics and epigenetics in determining lifespan.

Chapter 3: Nutrition and Longevity

Examines the impact of diet on longevity, including the benefits of certain foods and dietary patterns.

Provides practical tips for optimizing nutrition to promote longevity.

Chapter 4: Exercise and Longevity

Discusses the relationship between physical activity and longevity, including the benefits of different types of exercise.

Offers strategies for incorporating exercise into daily life for optimal health and longevity.

Chapter 5: Sleep and Longevity

Explores the importance of sleep for longevity and overall health.

Discusses the effects of sleep deprivation and tips for improving sleep quality.

Chapter 6: Stress and Longevity

Examines the impact of stress on longevity and health outcomes.

Provides strategies for managing stress and promoting resilience.

Chapter 7: Mindset and Longevity

Discusses the role of mindset and attitude in determining longevity.

Explores the power of positivity and resilience in overcoming challenges and promoting longevity.

Chapter 8: Social Connections and Longevity

Explores the impact of social connections and relationships on longevity.

Discusses strategies for fostering meaningful social connections for optimal health and well-being.

Chapter 9: Environmental Factors and Longevity

Examines the influence of environmental factors, such as pollution and toxins, on longevity.

Discusses strategies for minimizing exposure to harmful environmental factors.

Chapter 10: Putting It All Together

Summarizes key principles and strategies for promoting longevity.

Provides practical advice for incorporating these principles into daily life to optimize health and longevity.

Why everone should train like an Athelete:

Why journal your failures? 

“Diet And Nutrition” WILL NOT HELP YOU LIVE TO 100+

The Importance Of Regular Fasting


(0:00:01) – Longevity and Healthspan Defined
Importance of sound quality for podcasts, reading “Outlive” by Dr. Peter Attia, key takeaways on longevity and health span.

(0:15:29) – The Importance of Working Out
Exercise has a significant impact on health conditions, particularly type two diabetes, and can combat psychological barriers to improve overall well-being.

(0:27:23) – Exercise and Training for Longevity
Nature’s principles of fitness and longevity, intentional training for aging, sustainability of health practices.

(0:33:29) – Discussion on Fitness and Training Principles
Nature’s impact on performance and fitness, including zone two endurance training, balancing hard training and recovery, and adapting to environmental conditions.

(0:43:55) – Diet, Fasting, and Muscle Building
Balance in nutrition and fitness is key for optimal health, regardless of diet, through managing calorie intake, protein, and fasting.

(0:49:27) – Intermittent Fasting and Calorie Awareness
Fasting’s timing, hormone impact, food journaling, and balancing food intake and exercise for better health.

(0:54:24) – Mental and Emotional Health in Fitness
Marathon runners highlight the importance of sleep, exercise, and emotional well-being, including therapy and journaling for growth.

(1:09:00) – Book Review and Personal Reflection
Nature’s advice on exercise, nutrition, sleep, and mental health backed by science, with added benefit of feeling informed and aiding sleep.

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