Ever wondered how turning 50 could be the best thing that ever happened to you? Prepare to be surprised as we share personal stories of unexpected vitality and mental clarity that come with this milestone. From a surprise birthday trip with old army buddies to the physical and emotional changes that accompany aging, we emphasize the power of maintaining a youthful mindset and reconnecting with old friends. The nostalgia and camaraderie we experienced are not just heartwarming but also remind us of the importance of cherishing lifelong relationships.

As we age, friendships evolve, and we become more selective about our close circles. This episode highlights the value of mutual support and accountability within these friendships. We share our thoughts on dealing with loneliness despite increased responsibilities, and the importance of having a core group of friends who push and motivate us. Is it confidence or acceptance that makes us feel secure in these friendships? We ponder this question while recognizing the continuous drive for personal growth and the significant role our friends play in it.

10 Clear Signs You’ve Levelled up (Or Are in The Process)

1. You lose confidence for a period

2. It feels like your world is falling apart

3. You question what you want

4. You feel lonely

5. The things that used to inspire you don’t anymore

6. You start going through the motions

7. You start making mistakes that aren’t like you

8. A bunch of distractions pop up

9. You arrive at the crossroad

10. Adjustment occurs and growth happens fast

New levels mean new perspectives, experiences, relationships, and meaning.



(0:00:00) – Exploring the Concept of ‘Leveling Up’
(0:09:24) – Navigating Friendship Changes With Age
(0:14:04) – Building Towards Happiness and Fulfillment
(0:18:41) – Signs of Leveling Up
(0:32:01) – Navigating Midlife Crisis and Personal Growth
(0:37:33) – Navigating Interpersonal Relationships and Business
(0:45:50) – Progress Through Consistency and Reflection

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