What does it mean to “detach” Round 2 – Learn to detach from a situation or person and how it can help you make better decisions in business and in life.

“You have to detach from those emotions—step back from them a little so they don’t control you. You can do that by taking a deep breath and telling yourself to calm down.”

Jocko Willink

“Hey all I’ve listened to Jocko talk about detaching on his podcasts but am not understanding what he means by it. Can someone expand on what it means and give a few examples of what it would look like? Also if I’m prone to be emotional during certain situations how can I develop my degree of detachment? Thank you in advance!” link

DETACH: For Better Decisions – Jocko Willink

Why It’s CRITICAL To Detach in Real Time – Jocko Willink

Finding Emotional Balance When Detaching – Jocko Willink

Find a way to detach from your plan. Step away from your drafts. Have someone else review your outlines. If you’re leading others, remember that their feeling of ownership is important. You’ll always have that feeling, because you have other people looking to you to lead. Find opportunities for them to reinforce their own feelings of ownership. Link


Jocko realizes that everyone (including himself) tends to use faulty judgment when they let emotions and ego get in their way. By removing these variables, the correct decision becomes much clearer. A tactic he often uses is to “detach himself” from the situation to see things more clearly. For example, when faced with a difficult decision he will mentally remove himself from the situation and pretend he is only a bystander and offering unbiased advice. This will allow him to see the situation in a new light and oftentimes highlight where he went wrong.

Ever notice how you can give your friends great advice but it’s tougher for you to follow your own words of wisdom? That’s because you’re letting emotions and biases come into play when the decision affects you personally. Remove the emotions and make the correct decision.


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