Strap in as we journey through a spectrum of intriguing subjects, starting from the challenges of digital parenting to the rippling effects of technological advancements on our society. You’re in for a thought-provoking ride, teeming with rich discussions that will broaden your perspective on the interconnected world we live in. We’ll reflect on our own high school experiences, talk about navigating multiple online identities, and explore the cultural impact of hip-hop on society.

Our conversation delves into the nuances of raising kids in the digital age, where access to technology is a double-edged sword. We’ll reflect on our personal experiences dealing with high school bullying and the long-lasting effects it can have. The conversation will steer towards the internet’s influence on our social interactions, and how the quest for acceptance often leads to maintaining multiple online personas. We’ll discuss the complexities of this reality and the strain it can put on relationships.


(0:00:00) – Parenting Challenges in the Digital Age
We discuss bullying, technology, mental health, and our own experiences of being picked on.

(0:10:45) – Navigating Multiple Personalities and Seeking Acceptance
Internet changes our interactions and social groups, making it hard to find belonging and trust.

(0:18:31) – Hip Hop Family Day and Culture
We discuss kindness, fairness, hip hop culture, and its influence on expression.

(0:28:08) – Authenticity and Building Genuine Connections
We celebrate our culture, build relationships, and discuss the interconnectedness of language, environment, and perception.

(0:37:06) – The Challenges of Maintaining Multiple Identities
We explore scaling relationships, leveraging them to build a brand, managing multiple relationships, and understanding our identity.

(0:48:20) – Podcasting’s Impact on News Media
We examine the impact of social media on news outlets, the rules of journalism, and the last major societal shift.

(0:54:54) – Implications of Technological Advancements
We discuss Portals, AI, and the need for collaboration to adjust to tech-based world.

(1:07:04) – Concerns About the Future of Humanity
We debate technology’s implications, pros/cons of robots, and avoiding a human-battery future.

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