In this episode with guest Darren Norris we delve into the world of self-care, entrepreneurship, and dig into his vast experiences in law enforcement and SWAT teams. We underline the importance of rigorous training, the fulfillment acquired from imparting life-saving skills, and the significance of investing in oneself for success.

From sharing valuable insights on first aid and rescue training to recounting fascinating encounters in the film industry, this conversation is brimming with a mix of wit, wisdom, and warmth. Tune in and join us on this journey of survival, success, and celebrating the little moments that make life worthwhile.

Have you ever wondered about the journey of an entrepreneur? How they navigate the sea of uncertainty and anxiety? Or perhaps you’ve wondered about the importance of preparation and how it plays a crucial role in both entrepreneurship and survival. In this episode of our podcast, we explore these topics with Darren Norris, a resilient entrepreneur whose career has taken him from the Navy to SWAT teams to entrepreneurship.

Darren also highlights the importance of self-care, particularly for entrepreneurs. Stress, he reminds us, is often self-imposed – a reality that many business owners face. His story underscores the importance of balancing work and health, an often neglected aspect in the entrepreneurial journey.

Lessons from Unexpected Quarters: SWAT Teams and Personal Protection Services

Darren’s journey isn’t just limited to the world of entrepreneurship. We delve into the realm of personal protection services, where he has also had a significant presence. From exciting anecdotes about meeting a huge star at the Grammys to the adrenaline-fueled life of a roadie, Darren takes us through some thrilling experiences.

However, the central theme remains constant: the importance of rigorous training, the fulfillment that comes from imparting life-saving skills, and the significance of investing in oneself for success.

Prepared for the Unexpected

A key takeaway from the episode is the importance of preparedness for unexpected events. From the wisdom of having checklists to the delicate balance between preparedness and obsession, Darren guides us through it all. His insights into first aid and rescue training underscore the value of being ready for any situation, a valuable lesson not just for entrepreneurs but for everyone.

Inspiring and Enlightening

From the importance of planning to dealing with anxiety, the episode provides listeners with a treasure trove of practical and inspiring insights. It serves as a reminder that whether you’re an entrepreneur or not, investing in yourself, being prepared, and maintaining a sense of balance can help you navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience.


(0:00:01) – Caffeine, Anxiety, and Business Ownership
(0:08:47) – Business Ventures and Adventures
(0:16:49) – The Roadie
(0:19:38) – Basics and Fun Training Importance
(0:30:16) – Training With Sensei
(0:40:29) – The Importance of Planning and Preparedness
(0:53:03) – Being Prepared for Unexpected Events
(0:56:17) – Being Prepared in Life
(1:07:04) – First Aid and Humility Importance
(1:17:03) – Ego and Film Industry Experiences

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