What happens when you’re caught off guard in a life-altering catastrophe? How does your mind and body react? Looking at Mike Glover’s new book “Prepared“, it delves into the intricate concept of preparedness and the distinct difference between combat being a choice, and catastrophe being an unwanted event that occurs unexpectedly. The book dissects the autonomous and autonomic systems that govern your mind and body, and how tragedy can shake these systems. Discover the profound impact of mindset and how to transform your nervous system into a powerful tool, or a bridge to martial arts.

Ever pondered how planning, awareness, and the acceptance of reality factor into preparedness? Glover’s book invites us into the crucial role of having frank discussions with your family about potential disasters, and the significance of situational awareness. it navigates through the perils of arrogance and willful ignorance, and our primal instinct to dodge reality. The book goes for a deep dive into recognizing danger signals and how to cultivate a prepared mindset without necessarily assuming the persona of a “weird prepper”. So, fasten your seatbelts and join us as we explore the fascinating facets of preparedness, the warrior mindset, and much more.

The Prepared Mindset a Review of Mike Glover’s Book

Adapting to the unexpected is a life skill that most of us wish we had. The ability to react instantly and adequately in the face of adversity is something that can greatly impact our chances of survival in an unforeseen situation. In this podcast episode, we delve into the world of preparedness with the insightful book “Prepared”.

The Reality of Catastrophe

Glover’s book offers a unique perspective on preparedness, emphasizing the difference between combat and catastrophe. Combat is often a choice, while a catastrophe is unexpected and can occur around us or to us. Glover discusses the autonomous and autonomic systems that control our minds and bodies, and how tragedy can impact these systems. He also shares insights on the importance of mindset, weaponizing the nervous system, and how all of this ties in with martial arts.

Planning and Awareness for Preparedness

Throughout the discussion, Glover highlights the importance of planning and awareness when it comes to preparedness. He advises on having frank discussions with your family about potential disasters and how to respond appropriately. Glover warns against the dangers of arrogance and wilful ignorance, and the detrimental effects of avoiding reality.

Situational awareness is crucial when it comes to recognizing danger signals. Glover provides valuable advice on fostering a prepared mindset without falling into the stereotype of a “weird prepper”. He emphasizes that being prepared is about facing the reality of our world and understanding the importance of readiness.

Shifting Perspectives on Preparedness

Glover’s insights serve as a wake-up call to the importance of being prepared, prompting us to shift our perspective on readiness. His book is a guide to embracing the prepared lifestyle, helping us understand the mechanisms and mindsets of preparedness.

In a world where uncertainty is the only constant, preparedness is key. Glover’s insights serve as a reminder that being ready for anything is not about paranoia or fear, but about practicality and prudence. By changing our mindset on preparedness, we can better equip ourselves for whatever life throws our way.

To sum up, Glover’s perspective on preparedness is not about being a “weird prepper”. It is about being aware, being ready, and most importantly, it’s about being safe. His insights serve as a guide to living a prepared lifestyle, a lifestyle that could potentially save lives. So, let’s shift our perspective on preparedness, embrace the prepared lifestyle, and remember that being ready for anything is not about paranoia or fear, but about practicality and prudence.

So, carve out some time, grab a notepad, and get ready to change your mindset on preparedness. After all, the best way to predict the future is to create it.

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