Ever feel like you’re merely surviving your day-to-day responsibilities, instead of strategically guiding your own journey? Join us as we embark on a reflective exploration of our careers, talking through the evolution from hands-on tasks to strategic thinking. We discuss the realities of this shift, its role in our organization, the fresh responsibilities it brings us, and the necessity of maintaining balance, especially as we make plans for the upcoming year.

Personal and professional growth is an ongoing process. It requires strategic thinking, gratitude, and consistent action. By embracing these principles, we can navigate a transformational journey and find value in our roles in life and business. Whether it’s celebrating minor wins, managing societal pressures, or maintaining consistency in various aspects of life, every step contributes to the larger journey of personal and professional transformation.

Remember, growth is a journey, not a destination. So, keep growing, keep learning, and keep moving forward!


(0:00:00) – Lost Focus and Role of Strategic Thinking (5 Minutes)

This chapter explores how focus changes as we progress in our careers. We discuss the shift from doing to managing and the new responsibilities that come with it. Balancing operational tasks with strategic thinking, especially during the planning process for the upcoming year, is also a challenge we delve into. Overall, we reflect on the changes in our focus and how it relates to our roles in the company.

(0:04:44) – Finding Value and Growth in Areas (5 Minutes)

This chapter explores the importance of finding value and purpose in one’s career. The hosts share their own experiences and realization that their value lies in their ability to strategize and make decisions. They emphasize the need to constantly seek new challenges and opportunities for growth, rather than becoming complacent. Inspired by a social media post, the conversation leads to a discussion of rules for a successful life. Overall, the hosts highlight the significance of constantly evolving and finding new ways to add value in one’s career.

(0:09:24) – Embracing Gratitude and Taking Action (12 Minutes)

This chapter explores personal goals and resolutions for the upcoming year, including the importance of solving problems instead of just treating symptoms, being more disciplined in completing tasks, and practicing gratitude. We discuss our own struggles with procrastination and avoiding inconveniences, and how being grateful can change one’s perspective on life. We also mention the benefits of incorporating a daily gratitude practice into one’s routine. Overall, this chapter emphasizes the importance of taking action and being grateful in order to improve one’s life.

(0:21:35) – Moving, Celebrating, Letting Go (14 Minutes)

This chapter explores the topic of celebrating small achievements and how it can build momentum to tackle bigger ones. We discuss our experiences with helping others move and the importance of setting boundaries. We also touch on the Pomodoro technique and the benefits of taking breaks. The conversation then shifts to the difficulty of appreciating small victories, both in fitness and business. We encourage listeners to celebrate even the smallest accomplishments, such as sending an email or completing a short run, as they can lead to bigger goals in the future.

(0:35:21) – Consistency and Managing Interactions (14 Minutes)

This chapter explores the topics of making choices, staying consistent, and the five mountains of Mark Divine’s Seelfit Unbeatable Mind philosophy. We discuss the benefits of consciously choosing not to dwell on past interactions and the importance of consistency in achieving goals. Additionally, we delve into the five mountains, particularly the spiritual aspect and its connection to controlling our response to stimuli. The chapter concludes with a reflection on personal struggles with consistency in certain areas of life.

(0:49:35) – Expectations and Decisions (4 Minutes)

This chapter explores the impact of expectations on our lives, including those from family and peers. We discuss how these expectations can influence our decisions and self-perception, as well as the pressure to conform to societal norms. We also touch on the feeling of being behind compared to others and the concept of “peaking.” Throughout the conversation, we emphasize the importance of continuous growth and development. Ultimately, we reflect on how every decision and experience, whether positive or negative, has shaped us into the individuals we are today.

(0:53:55) – Discussion on Daily Life and Motivation (2 Minutes)

This chapter explores the importance of setting goals and making positive changes in our daily lives. We discuss how reminding ourselves to focus on these goals can help us get unstuck and motivated, and how using these goals can propel us forward and make progress. This conversation serves as a reminder to prioritize self-improvement and actively work towards our goals.

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