What you will gain:
A clear and concise way to set achievable goals for yourself
A path to creating good habits that will empower you to crush your goal(s).
A Toolset to help you calm your mind and attain a high level of performance.
A guide for how to shift your thinking to a more positive mindset.
An introduction to basic meditation practices that you can harness and deploy right away.

Have you ever set goals in your life only to fall short? No matter if it’s a big, scary, audacious, pie-in-the-sky goal or a small, short term, get-it-done soon goal there are ways to cultivate and maintain momentum that will get you there. We are all products of our mindset and we all live in world filled with confusion, distraction and turmoil. How we set, develop and achieve our goals all starts from within ourselves.

Sign up and then learn an approach as well as a few tools to help you make better sense of it all.

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You will receive a private link to view the video as well as:
The full Workshop Power Point with presenter’s notes
A Corresponding worksheet for the “Goal Setting Focus Plan”
Links to all the resources and videos mentioned in the workshop
BONUS: A supplementary video about forging and living with a Warrior Mindset

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