Have you ever felt the sting of defeat? Our guest, a political aspirant and martial arts enthusiast, knows that sensation all too well. She’s been through it, not once, but twice, and yet she didn’t let those stumbles deter her progress. Join us as we traverse the path of her journey, from those initial electoral losses to ultimate victory, gleaning insights on the role of resilience, authenticity, and long-term thinking played in shaping her success.

Bouncing back from setbacks is no small feat, and it takes a certain level of resilience to make any sort of headway. Heather opens up about the pivotal role resilience played in her political campaigns and how her martial arts training fortified this trait. We also explore how to maintain authenticity, humility, and balance while pursuing your goals, even in the face of adversity. The conversation moves towards the value of planning and long-term thinking. Tune in for an inspiring exploration of resilience, growth, and the courage to face, embrace, and learn from failure.


(0:00:01) – Embracing Failure and Learning From It
I shared my story, took risks, and won my last race, emphasizing the importance of learning from failure.

(0:04:34) – Lessons and Growth in Political Campaigns
Running for office requires self-examination, staying true to oneself, and pivoting messaging.

(0:10:34) – Resilience in Martial Arts and Politics
Resilience, risk-taking, embracing failure, and building support are discussed to help with running for office.

(0:24:27) – Building Resilience and Seeking Help
Asking for help, balancing ego and humility, and resilience are discussed to achieve success.

(0:31:26) – Preaching Resilience
Mindset, visualization, speaking up, authenticity, taking risks, asking for help, and balancing ego and humility are discussed.

(0:41:23) – Authentic Execution in Politics
Authenticity, short-term goals, political/martial arts worlds, risk-taking, seeking help, mindset/visualization, and ‘fail fast, fail often’ discussed.

(0:46:54) – Overcoming Fear of Failure Through Planning
Planning, long-term thinking, fear of failure, practice, success, and failure are discussed to achieve success.

(1:00:25) – Overcoming Failure and Fear
Authenticity, mindset, visualization, long-term success, fear of failure, and support discussed to help put yourself out there.

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