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This was originally a LIVE broadcast on our YouTube channel.

Some things we went over in this podcast:

  1. Vulnerabilities in life and in your fitness
  2. Discipline, mindset and preparation (for your day, week, month, year, life… )
  3. Ben Bergeron say’s ‘champions are built in the mind first” – what does he mean?
  4. Surround youreself with like minded people
  5. Character. How do you have good character and/or how do you begin to devlop it.
  6. Confidence vs. Ego/arrogance
  7. Perception is reality. Perception vs. Reality.
  8. Conflict resolution (how do you resolve issues/problems with others.)
  9. Making goals and getting there. (Make it, want it, having the capcity for it – Ben Bergeron)
  10. Balance (balance in life/work/play)

What do you have going on right now?

  • While all of my triathlons have been cancelled, I’m still training 10-20 hours a week to remain fit and build resiliency. I’ve taken on some challenges to keep me motivated while there is no racing. For example, I plan to do my first 100-mile bike ride on Friday, July 3rd. 
  • FGM Internet Marketing is continuing its shift into niches that we really enjoy. We signed our first triathlon brand this year – A-Squared Bikes. 
  • Started a podcast, The Eco-Interviews, at the beginning of the year. We’ve had some amazing guests, and I’m excited about future prospects.

Fiona Martin

Fiona is a competitive age group triathlete (DOB: 9/10/1982) who resides close to Columbia in Lugoff, SC. She is driven to “always to her best”, which translates into her drive to compete at the highest level in triathlon, her decision to convert to a whole foods, plant-based diet (vegan), doing her part for the environment by growing her own food and reducing her consumer waste, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and praising and promoting strong women near and far. Outside of triathlon, Fiona runs her own digital marketing consulting firm, FGM Internet Marketing, and hosts the podcast The Eco-Interviews. Fiona’s time on the podium puts her front and center at many events in South Carolina, Georgia, and further afield, and she’d love the opportunity to use and promote brands that align with these values. Fiona and husband Lance also travel abroad to compete, visiting Havana, Cuba in 2017 for the Gran Fondo Tour de Cuba; Edinburgh, Scotland in 2015 for the Edinburgh Half Marathon; and Lausanne, Switzerland in Aug/Sep 2019 to represent Team USA in the ITU Age Group World Championships.

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