We’ve all felt it, that unexplainable sense of belonging when we’re around people who get us, who share the same passions and interests. Like that time Scott found himself in the midst of a Phish show in Nashville, amidst the pulsing lights and throbbing music – a diverse crowd brought together by the love of the rhythm. This episode peels back the layers of community – be it the diverse crowd at a jam band show, the shared camaraderie in music spaces from Grateful Dead to Foo Fighters or even the sense of brotherhood in military and online spaces. We explore the dual power of communities, the way they can both unify us and lead to intolerance, and how they can shape our mindset and behavior.

We talk about important tenets of humanity – volunteering. We’re opening up about our experiences, about how pushing boundaries and stepping out of comfort zones can lead to a deeper understanding of others. Tune in to our reflections on the concerning rise of loneliness in our society, despite our ever-present screens and online connections. It’s an episode full of rich insights and thoughtful discussions.


(0:00:00) – Community and Connections
Attending a jam band show in Nashville, we discussed the diverse community, light show, and decades-long business of the jam band scene.

(0:11:47) – Communities and Connections Across Experiences
We explore music communities, jam bands, and how shared experiences can connect us all.

(0:21:54) – Communities and Tolerance
We examine the power of community, its positive and negative aspects, and how it can lead to intolerance and growth.

(0:27:19) – Online Communities and Internet Influence
We explore how online communities can manipulate our biases, provide a sense of belonging and validation, and how amphetamines can be accessed through them.

(0:31:55) – Changing Perspectives on Community and Identity
We examine how views of different communities and people have changed over time, and how COVID-19 has impacted connection and online communities.

(0:44:22) – Internet’s Impact on Community and Individuality
Internet, cable TV, news consumption, workforce, communication, self-centred culture, narcissism discussed.

(0:54:19) – The Importance and Value of Volunteering
Volunteering can be rewarding, toxic communities can be addressed, and selfless giving can benefit both parties.

(1:03:54) – Loneliness in Society
We discuss loneliness, comfort, and bringing people together.

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