What are some of the ways your Ego shows up in your every day life and how can we use the Stoic way of thought to be better humans.

Ryan Holiday

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They Punish Themselves First

Remove Your Ego


Your ego is an entity of pride that tries to self-sustain you, and therefore itself, by keeping you out of any situations that endanger that pride.

Anything that endangers who you think you are, anything outside your comfort zone, anything you are unfamiliar with and any people, characteristics, actions, thoughts or situations that lead to such things are automatically labelled as “DANGEROUS”.

The ego is part of who we are and will be for as long as we exist in this world.

Your ego is merely trying to protect your sense of self.

The problem is that it keeps us who we are even when we want to expand beyond that.

But when you love your ego, when you love this part of you that only tries to protect yourself, it loosens up.

You must understand the ego and then take the actions you wish to take anyway.

Are you being an A**hole? 

It is always good to evaluate and realize if what someone does is right, and always let others know how you feel if you have been treated that way because sometimes people don’t realize when they are being rude.

Some subtle signs that you are not as “good” as you pretend you are:

  • Think you deserve someone’s attention or affection just because you’re nice to them.
  • You try to convince others why you acted in a way instead of apologizing.
  • You are close to someone for the benefit he can provide you.
  • You are negative about others’ interests because you “think is the best for them.”
  • You take other criticism or conflicting opinion as a personal attack.
  • You think you can make an opinion about other people’s appearances even if it’s for good.
  • You have an attitude at work because “you haven’t had your coffee yet.”
  • You aren’t able to be excited about others’ success because you are working harder.

My addition: You feel that you can always “tell them the truth” no matter that it hurts their feelings or not – because it’s what the “right” thing to do is… 

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