We will go over this great post from @investinggoal and take a look at 7 ways you can become a not only truly dangerous human being but someone everyone wants to be like.

7 Ways To Be a Truly Dangerous Person

  1. Workout – Take care of your body, staying fit lets you deal with stress better.
  2. Do what you say you’ll do –  Your word is your bond.
  3. Stop caring what other people say – Don’t live your life by other people’s judgements.
  4. Control your reactions – Don’t give other people power over you by being triggered by what they say or do.
  5. Invest in yourself – Get better 1% every day. Knowledge + Skills = Power.
  6. Stop competing with others – You won’t beat anyone at their own game. You can only be better than you were yesterday. 
  7. Build a future – While others are playing these games, build legacy by making an impact on the world around you no matter the scale and focus on what matters most to you.

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