15:00 AMRAP
10x Ground to OH w/Plate 35#/25#
10x Squats w/Plate 35#/25#
10x OH Press w/Plate 35#/25#
10x Burpee
Run 200m
**Try to do the first 3 “plate” movements unbroken and “back2back2back”

5:00 Rest “Minimum”

3 Sets Each of 1:00 / 1:00 Rest
Max Sit-ups
Max Push-ups
1:00 Plank


4x Rounds (30:00 CAP)
200m Run
20x Goblet Squats #AHAP
15x KB Lunges
10x Push-ups
5x Pull-ups


15:00 AMRAP
15x Burpees (alt = 10 push-ups + :30 plank)
15x Push Press
20x Russian Twist w/plate 25#/10#
*Choose a weight for the Push Press that will challenge you!
*A little heavier than normal so you might want to break the push press but won’t because you are a badass ?

~ Rest 3:00 min ~

4x Rounds
10 x 1 arm dumbbell high pull with 2 sec negative (right arm)
10x 1 arm dumbbell high pull with 2 sec negative (left arm)
:30 sec hold dumbbell overhead alt sides
1:00 Rest
*Choose a weight for the DB that will challenge you!


4x Rounds
6x Push-ups + DB/KB Deadlift
6x Lunges or 12x Air Squats
*Choose weight for the DB/KB that will challenge you!

~ Rest 5:00 min ~

4x rounds
200m Run
20x Ground to Overhead w/Plate
20x Lunges or Air Squats


The CrossFit Open Workout will be programmed for today

03-27 & 28

Active Recovery
~1 Hour Active Recovery – Hike, Jog, Row, Bike, Swim

Rest Day (opposite day to the AR day)

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