WHF Podcast 09 – Coach Rebecca “Becky” Johnson

WHF Podcast 09 – Coach Rebecca “Becky” Johnson

If audio only is more your thing, here you go:

Coach Rebecca “Becky” Johnson

Coach Becky’s journey began as an original Workhorse member. Actually before that at Iron Tribe when Coach Ib was just starting out in South Carolina. So she’s what we call “OW”… 🙂

Always with a good spirit and a love for helping others Coach Becky has become a great addition to the team here at Workhorse in terms of Coaching staff.

Listen to her story as she goes into the detail of working through her back surgery to be better than before. Taking it slow and progressing one day at a time with a super consistent work ethic. Coach Becky is one to model your own fitness journey after for sure.

Gym Notes

Monday is the start of Deadcember, so get signed up for that 10 or 15 day challenge. Also we’re going to be launching a nutrition challenge in January along with a new member drive/challenge.

WHF Podcast 09 – Coach Rebecca “Becky” Johnson

WHF Podcast 08 – Evan Owen Chat Session

If audio only is more your thing, here you go:

Evan Owen

We have discussed Evan Owen in an earlier episode of the WHF Podcast, but wanted to get him for a short sit-down with us to go through some finer details of what it is that drives him to be in the gym every day.

Including quick trip to Bubba’s Biscuits, who by the way are our favorite cheat day cheats of all time here in Columbia… Hands down…

Evan has had huge success with rebuilding who he is physically. We suspect the mental aspect of what helps keep him pushing onward has always been there. Perhaps Workhorse has only helped expose a little more and quicker maybe otherwise he would have on his own.

We talk through friendly competitive comparisons and how to find ways to help you see where you can level up your growth. Evan is a very insightful and thoughtful person who has a good story to share with us all about his fitness journey thus far.

We are super proud of you Evan. Keep up the great work and ‘NEVER GIVE UP’ !

WHF Podcast 09 – Coach Rebecca “Becky” Johnson

WHF Podcast 07 – Eric Brumbalow Chat Session

If audio only is more your thing, here you go:

Eric Brumbalow

Eric is a long time OG member, dating all the way back to the pre-workhorse days at Iron Tribe… dang…

He is active Military in the Air Force, recently back home in the USA after deployment and also legit weirdo and we love him.

Eric does some pretty amazing and insane races/runs like 100 milers and many other Ultras (anything longer than a Marathon). Along the way he’s learned a lot about Never Giving Up and seeing things through. We could all learn from Eric in this area of life. He is also eternally optimistic and it’s something we look up to in him.