WHF Podcast 13 – Deep dive into Humility

WHF Podcast 13 – Deep dive into Humility

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What is humility? It starts with vulnerability, but let’s frame it in a better light. I think it’s better expressed as “honesty,” and “self- awareness.” ⁣

A good friend laid this out online fo rus recently:

Admit you are imperfect and fallible. Be honest, especially with yourself, about who you are, who you aren’t, and where you are at. Your puffed up chest generally looks like exactly that. Be teachable and willing to learn. ⁣

Everyone has to fake it to make it sometimes, and trying to be better than you are means believing that you can in fact be and do better. ⁣

“Trust yourself when others doubt you, but make allowance for their doubting too…”⁣

In this podcast we take a deeper dive into being a healthy, humble human being… Join us!

Gym Updates:

We have a new gym swag store: http://shopworkhorse.mdiapparel.com/

WHF Podcast 13 – Deep dive into Humility

WHF Podcast 12 – Updates and Lynne Fallaw

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Gym Updates

Some quick gym updates for you as we close out the year:

We have a new gym swag store: http://shopworkhorse.mdiapparel.com/

January Challenge; we will be entering all members into a January nutrition challenge. More details to come soon, but it’ll be painless and you’ll all love us for it! Get prepared 🙂

Lynne Fallaw

Coach Ib talked through some points of performance with Lynne (longtime member) about her journey through fitness so far at Workhorse. We think there are some really good nuggets here so pay attention.

You’re never going to get the kind of attention at a big box gym as you do here.

Thanks Lynne!

WHF Podcast 11 – What a coach can do for you

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Being more open & sharing

One thing we know as coaches is that those who open up and share their goals, concerns, fears, desires and needs become better, more complete healthy versions of themselves. There’s something uplifting and therapeutic about sharing with another person. In our case, coaches can really help be the X-factor in our lives as do battle with the world every day.


While are specialty is fitness and nutritional coaching at Workhorse we have also helped dozens of our members through tough times. Just by being there, with zero judgement to help give advice or to just be with you through the the thick and thin. Take advantage of what we have to give should you need it!

Why I Train Martial Arts

Why I Train Martial Arts

This is the way

I am an avid CrossFitter, Weight Lifter and overall fitness lover, but I have never found anything quite like Martial Arts. Between Karate, that I currently hold a Shodan 1st Degree Blackbelt in, Muai Tai Boxing and Jiu-Jitsu training on the regular. There is nothing that has challenged me both mentally and physically, at the same time, than these practices have.

Martial Arts has a really great way of exposing your weaknesses and helping to expose the real you. Helping you find the path or your “why” more easily than other types of athletics mainly because of the mental or heartfelt journey you find yourself taking more so than just a physically based activity.

5 Mountains

Mark Divine’s 5 Mountains is the antithesis of this concept.

  1. Physical Control & Development
  2. Mental Toughness & Development
  3. Emotional Awareness & Resiliency
  4. Awareness & Intuition
  5. Kokoro Spirit “Grit”

I truly hope you find someplace to learn the way, wherever you are. If I can help in any way just message me anytime.

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WHF Podcast 10 – CottonTown Crossfit

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CottonTown Crossfit Visit

We took a quick visit to CottonTown Crossfit, where we’ve done MURPH and a Grid6 competition this year. To talk with our friends owner Mark Sanger and Coach Michel Brazell. We wanted to share some insight into how they operate their gym and how their community works.

We have a lot of similarity with CottonTown and we hope you glean some useful info as to how we all work in the Coaching community.

CottonTown Event:

Saturday December 14th

Sweat in Honor of Officer Greg Alia

On September 30, 2015 Forest Acres Police Officer, Greg Alia, was killed in the line of duty while trying to apprehend a suspect.
Please join Cottontown CrossFit and Serve & Connect for a special WOD in honor of Officer Greg Alia.

Date: 12/14/19 – Gregory Alia Day
Time: 9:00am
Where: Cottontown CrossFit
$20 donation to support Serve & Connect – an organization created by Kassy Alia Ray in honor of Greg

Please arrive early/on time to sign waiver