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This is a series of episodes where we explore a deep dive into a book that has changed my life. We will go chapter by chapter and review the things that make it work so well with hope that you will find inspiration to help you with your own journey.

I am usually accompanied by long-time friend, fellow SEALFitter and badass, Heather Bauer Dughaish @bmbrbauer ( Along with her husband we all co-own a gym; Workhorse Fitness together in Columbia, South Carolina.

The Way of the SEAL by Mark Divine

Chapter 4: Do Today What Others Won’t

Read that chapter to take a deep dive into how you can utilize the tactics Mark shares with us how to find your 20x factor…

Section titles such as these:
Find your 20x Factor
No Way Out But In
Embrace The Suck
Focus on the Positive
Go To The Challenge

Really make for some deep diving into how to dig out that extra bit you need when the going get’s really tough and how to really test your heart to what you’re made of…

I particularly like the section about creating ‘Excellence Habits’. That is to NOT just focus on stamping out the bad habits, but instead to put your effort into building up good habits. An easy example is replacing the need to smoke or drink with a good workout. Seems simple yes, but think about the outcomes… focusing on the negative thing you’re trying to remove just makes you double down on your negative thoughts and feelings.

Do Today What Others Won’t: Do Tomorrow What Others can’t

Smoke Jumper’s Creed

Mark has been doing something on his youtube channel called “the daily brief”. I find them super helpful to get me in the mindset I need to be each day he drops one. Some serious knowledge bombs on these. He recently did one on “Looking inward” the core idea is that you are what you think/believe. So focus on positive things, build excellence habits and get after it daily.

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