Discussion on this post titled Powerful Habits from the World’s Top Achievers about the following habits you can create for yourself;The 5 Hour Rule, The Power of Doing Nothing, The High-Five Habit, No Electronics at Bedtime, Flow State Ritual

Powerful Habits from the World’s Top Achievers @elonmuskthing

The 5 Hour Rule

Spend 1 hour a day for the 5 working days in a week on consciously learning or practicing something new.

The Power of Doing Nothing

Give your mind the space it needs to process your thoughts and feelings – this will help you to actually solve problems in with your brain’s “down cycles”.

The High-Five Habit

Do something, a self affirmation or whatever, that helps to improve your relationship with yourself. 

No Electronics at Bedtime

There are a lot of reasons and studies done on why you should not be staring at your phone before bedtime… Google it

Flow State Ritual

Optimize your ability to enter your flow state by creating work rituals. Steven King sits in the same place, the same way at the same time each day to write.

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