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911 Episode; we cover a full spectrum of topics.

911 Episode. Covering a full spectrum of topics; Control, Coaching, outrage, being misunderstood

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In an era where posting a # is considered meaningful action, I have a request for all Americans, spare me the bullshit. 9/11 changed my life in ways that I could never imagine. It changed all of our lives. It changed the trajectory of our country. Taking five minutes to craft a #neverforget post because that is the “thing” to do today, and then returning to your life of divided, partisan, party line, argumentative, criticizing, shout down your fellow American attitude is meaningless. It’s not only meaningless, it is bullshit, and it shows that very clearly, you have already forgotten. I have never seen or felt a greater connection to my fellow Americans than in the days after 9/11. We were caring, empathetic, and most importantly, united. People with different opinions are not your enemy, unless you choose to make them so. Is it worth losing friends and family in an attempt to be “right?” I am embarrassed by what I see, read, and hear. We should be ashamed of ourselves. Spoiler alert, the Rights and Freedoms of this country, which we are all so incredibly fortunate to have, apply to all American citizens, equally. Perhaps try to #neverforget that. Instead of making a witty post, instead of “talking about it,” BE ABOUT IT. Honor the people who died 19 years ago, and all of those that have given their lives since by being a better person. Be a productive and meaningful member of our society. Be a responsible and accountable human being. Not just today because you are reminded of the events from 19 years ago, but every single day. You will be a better person for it. We will be a better country because of it.

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Sure, wear your mask but don’t stop there. . Exercise daily, Dr. Fauci does. . In fact, at 79 years old, Fauci walks 3.5 miles every single day. It takes him an hour. . Even on (most) days when he is working for over 12-hours, he still makes daily exercise a priority. . He stated that walking outdoors has tremendous benefit for both his physical and mental health. . At 5’8” and 158 lbs., Fauci has a BMI of 24, which puts him in the ideal “normal weight” category of body mass. . Fauci and other medical experts have pointed to those with higher BMI’s over 25 of being at risk, and over 30 being at extreme risk of CV19 complications. . Dr Deborah Birx has stated that America needs to focus on long-term solutions to dealing with CV19. . Managing our personal health and focusing on reducing our total body mass to a medically defined “normal range” is a huge step in that direction. . The benefits of daily exercise are tremendous. . Yes, wear your mask. Social distance. Wash your hands. But, that is just the beginning. . This post is meant to bring your attention to your personal health. . If a 79-year old man who’s works >12-hours per day, 7 days per week, in one of the highest stress positions in the world can prioritize his personal health program, we can all focus on ours. . No, I did not create this meme but found the satire poignant. If this is your meme, DM for credit. . To all my friends who see this, it is time to step up and be a part of the long-term solution. . Public health continues to crumble around the world, and most especially in overfed / under-exercised countries like America. . We can all step up and be more diligent with our personal health. . Start exercising daily. Eat healthful foods. Avoid processed sugars. Remove yourself from toxic situations. . There is no magic pill or miracle drug. . You are the key to your health. . Start where you are with what you have and each day do better. . Progress is the goal. . Let’s go! . If you need personalized diet or exercise advice, we have a team or Registered Dietitians on staff, as well as the #1 rated online weight loss platform at . ?Learn more by clicking the link in our bio!

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