We’ve all been there. That sinking feeling when someone issues a veiled insult disguised as a compliment or that exasperating moment when you’re interrupted mid-sentence. It’s the subtle sting of disrespect, and it permeates our daily interactions more than we’d like to admit. This episode kicks off with a candid acknowledgment of the impact disrespect has on relationships, both personal and professional. We discuss an insightful listener recommended article highlighting seven telltale signs of disrespect, including ghosting, habitual lateness, and the classic backhanded compliment. These behaviors, while seemingly trivial on the surface, can corrode the foundations of trust and undermine professional environments and personal bonds alike.

The episode also takes a humorous yet informative turn when addressing how to spot individuals who may not be as authentic as they appear. From the overly loud to the overcompensators, we’re given a rundown of the five subtle signs that someone might be “full of it.” This segment provides listeners with a critical lens through which to view interactions and reminds us of the importance of sincerity and humility.

As we part ways until the next episode, let’s take these lessons to heart. Let’s aim to give compliments without caveats, show up on time as a sign of respect, and truly engage in the conversations we have. Because at the end of the day, the language of respect is universal, and it’s time we all become fluent.

“What you allow, is your standard.”

Mark Divine

7 Things that show disrespect


1. Ghosting Someone Without Explanation:

A job candidate who suddenly stops responding to emails and calls from a recruiter after an interview, without providing any explanation or follow-up.

2. Wasting Other People’s Time:

Arriving late to meetings or appointments consistently, causing colleagues to wait unnecessarily and disrupting productivity.

3. Constantly Interrupting When Someone Is Still Speaking:

During a team brainstorming session, consistently cutting off coworkers while they are sharing their ideas, hindering collaboration and stifling creativity.

4. Giving Someone Backhanded Compliments:

Telling a coworker, “You did a good job on the presentation, considering how nervous you usually get,” which undermines their accomplishment with a subtle insult.

5. Consciously Undermining Your Achievements:

Taking credit for a successful project during a team meeting, while purposely downplaying the contributions of others involved.

6. Invalidating Others’ Feelings:

Dismissing a colleague’s concerns about a work issue by saying, “You’re overreacting,” without acknowledging or addressing their legitimate concerns.

7. Digital Multitasking During Conversations:

Checking emails or scrolling through social media notifications on a smartphone during a business meeting, demonstrating a lack of respect and attention to the conversation at hand.

How To Spot People Who Are Full of Shit

“You teach people how to treat you by what you allow, what you stop, and what you reinforce.”

Brene Brown


To avoid falling for someone’s bullshit, watch out for these signs:

  1. They are the loudest people in the room and brag endlessly with their knowledge.
  2. They try to hard to convince you.
  3. They keep telling you everything about them without ever backing it up.
  4. They talk the talk but have no evidence of walking the walk.
  5. They can’t explain what they talk about in simple terms.

“Praise in public, criticize in private.”

Dabo Swinney


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