Some different types of people you should look out for in your life and some good times you should stay quiet.

6 types of toxic people you should avoid

  1. The Vampire
    1. AKA – parasites, creepers or climbers
    2. They’ll use you either emotionally or financially (or both) and suck the best out of you.
  2. The Cactus
    1. AKA – jealous
    2. Always jealous of your success profesionally or personally. Won’t be truly happy for you, usually criticise you or gossip about you.
  3. The Chameleon
    1. AKA – Two face
    2. They want what you give or have and will pretend to be what you need to get at it.
  4. The Bosser
    1. AKA – Controlling, Big egos
    2. You are a tool for them to get what they want.  Use control tactics to satisfy their own ego or lack of ego. 
    3. As long as you do what they want, you’re good, but rebel and you’re as good as garbage.
  5. The Broker
    1. AKA – Deal makers, conditional friends
    2. Have a give and take attitude towards relationships. It’s always conditional with them as you do what they want or they won’t do what you want.
  6. The Sympathy Addict
    1. AKA – Attention Seekers, Drama Students
    2. Always a reservoir of drama and conflict. Need attention no matter how they get it. Always in need of sympathy by showing themselves as victims of whatever.

Bonus: When To Be Silent 

“It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubt of it.”

― Maurice Switzer

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