Are we really doing justice to social justice? In this episode Dr. Scott and I find ourselves treading the tricky terrain of political correctness and social justice warriors, trying to strike a balance and sow understanding. We’re deciphering the evolving rulebook of political correctness, while also reflecting on how empathy can shape more inclusive societies. In this dance of respect and sensitivity, we find ourselves contemplating the trials of raising a new generation in a world that doesn’t always encourage introspective thought.

As we all find ourselves grappling with feelings of anxiety and the role of government in economic health. It’s an exploration of how these challenges touch our lives daily and the reality of personal responsibility in a world where rescue often doesn’t arrive. It’s a tough pill to swallow, but we dive into it, exploring the intricacies and the disappointments, and learning how to navigate this new reality.

Finally, we’re turning the mirror on ourselves, discussing the power of self-love and its role in our relationships. We all hold the keys to our own happiness, and we explore how acceptance can lead to transformative change. We’re pulling back the curtain on the marriages of friends and family, sharing our insights and delving into the challenges that come with balancing relationships. Remember, self-love is an action, not a belief. So join us, let’s journey through these topics together.

In the most recent episode of our podcast, we embarked on a journey of self-discovery, empathy, and personal responsibility. We navigated the tricky terrain of social justice, political correctness, and the need for self-love, while exploring the impact of societal changes on personal growth.

This enlightening episode began with an exploration of the world of political correctness and social justice. We discussed how being respectful and sensitive to cultural, gender, and other differences can lead to more inclusive and equitable societies. However, the challenge lies in the rapidly changing rules of political correctness and the necessity for kindness and empathy towards others.

We also moved into an area that has been a hot topic for many – the upbringing of the new generation in a world where self-reflection is often discouraged. The role of the ‘Greatest Generation’ in creating such a climate was discussed, in addition to the positive impact of increased attendance at 12-step programs and the importance of instruction in society.

The episode took a deeper dive into current societal issues, examining the effects of COVID, inflation, and anxiety on the economy. We discussed the role of the government in maintaining economic health and the ripple effects these issues have on our daily lives.

The power of self-love and acceptance was a central theme of this episode. We drew inspiration from Mother Teresa’s example of serving others to deal with personal issues and discussed the importance of self-improvement to reveal who truly cares for us.

Lastly, we shared personal anecdotes about the marriages of friends and family, providing a candid insight into their lives while highlighting the importance of self-love and acceptance in relationships.

The episode concluded with a call to action for listeners – to join the conversation and uncover the true meaning of empathy, responsibility, and self-love. The need for personal growth and understanding societal issues was emphasized, thereby making the episode a must-listen.

This podcast episode served as a reminder that personal responsibility and self-love are key components in navigating social justice and personal growth. While societal issues may seem overwhelming, it is through understanding, empathy, and acceptance that we can begin to make a difference. As we embark on this journey of self-discovery and societal change, let us remember the power of acceptance in personal growth and social justice. Tune in to the episode and join the conversation. Let’s grow together.


(0:00:00) – Navigating Political Correctness and Social Justice
Exploring political correctness and social justice, we seek balance and respect for cultural, gender and other differences.

(0:07:23) – Youthful Attitudes and Societal Change
We discuss the role of the “Greatest Generation”, 12-step programs, millennials, and weddings in creating self-reflection and consideration.

(0:18:29) – Anxiety, Economy, and Taking Responsibility
COVID, inflation, free-floating anxiety, and government’s role in the economy are discussed, with a focus on managing them and accepting no one will save us.

(0:32:22) – Self-Love and Helping Others
Mother Teresa’s example of self-love and helping others to address issues serves as an example of taking action.

(0:41:18) – Reflections on Marriage and Self-Love
Self-love, acceptance, responsibility for happiness, allowing change, and finding balance in relationships are discussed.

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