Are there things (small, personal things) that you are doing or neglecting that you could do better?

New Year, new stuff to work on?

Not doing anything… doing nothing.

If you don’t use it, you lose it – physical, mental, cognitive… 

  • Reseach/Learn new things
  • Go for a walk, get active
  • Pick up a hobby

Your Phone/laptop/tablet/digital device It’s your best weapon, but also your worst enemy

Digital/Facebook Friends aren’t real

  • All the likes you get don’t count in real life. It’s an app, it doesn’t exist outside of the internet. 
  • Meet real people, have coffee with real people, get ot know real people, help real people.

Your Sedentary lifestyle

  • How much do you stay seated throughout the day? 
  • Get moving, stand up, walk around once in a while.
  • Join a gym and workout!

Your Diet

  • What does your diet look like? Have you ever checked?
  • Track what you eat/drink on a daily basis for 40-60 days.
  • Audit it and make changes.
  • Less Sugar to start.

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