There is a lot of talk about being a Lone Wolf. It can be seen as a positive strategy or negative one. Who are we to judge you, but we will still give you our 2 cents on it.

The most difficult walk you can take is the one you take alone, but it is also the one that strengthens you. This is the walk that will help you develop your character the most.

Via https://medium.datadriveninvestor.com/being-a-lone-wolf-a2e7d02082b0

The concept behind the lone wolf personality was based on observing the behavior of wolves. In most cases, wolves, just like people, are social creatures. They tend to stick with their respective packs, rarely leaving the group. However, some wolves decide to go off on their own and live life on their terms.

7 Merits Of Being A Lone Wolf

  1. Your plans do not depend on someone else
  2. You follow your own path – instead of copying others
  3. You are more capable of making big life decisions
  4. You don’t fall into time-wasting social issues
  5. You don’t waste time on those you don’t care about (or don’t care about you)
  6. You have time to work on yourself and your goals
  7. You are free of drama and manipulation from others

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