In this two part show Aaron (Grizz) and I talk through Echelon Front’s (Jocko) post on the mindset for victory and how they can apply to your every day life and business.

Echelon Front – Laws of Combat / Mindset for Victory

Part 1: Laws of Combat 

  1. Cover and Move – Teamwork, no silos, if your team fails everyone fails.
  2. Simple – Simplify the mission, keep communication simple, clear and concise.
  3. Prioritize and execute – Detach, relax, look around and make the call.
  4. Dectralized Command – Everyone leads, everyone follows, team understands what to do and why they’re doing it. Don’t wait for orders, lead/execute.

Part 2: Mindset for Victory

  1. Extreme Ownership – No excuses, no blaming others, own all the problems.
  2. Default: Aggressive – Make it happen, move fast, seize initiative, mitigate risk, solve problems.
  3. Innovate and Adapt – New tactics emerge, technology evolves, educate yourself
  4. Humility – Check your ego, Ego is the number one killer in business and in life.

Discipline = Freedom – Being disciplined with high standards leads to more freedom, flexibility, agility and speed of action.

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