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Topics Covered in this Episode of WM:

Shaping Your New Normal

The “In-Person Economy” is eroding. 

Remote work will be more common. 

People will expect to do more things online than ever before. 

Many of the old norms you built your business on will no longer be true. 

Customer behavior and expectations will change. 

Your products, services, and the way your teams build them will need to change, too.

1. Customer Value Mapping

2. Find Your Adjacent Possible

3. Revisit Your Value Propositions

4. Do a Tech Enablement Review

5. Double-Check Your Business Model Alignment

6. Review Your Design Processes

**Now is the time for action. If you don’t adapt to the new normal you’ll be left behind by companies who do. Take advantage of the added time your team has by working from home and reshape how you work together to be more efficient and productive.

“Everyone has a plan until the get punched in the face”

by a pandemic

J Cornelius

Founder & President // Nine Labs

J Cornelius has been building digital products since 1996 and has helped countless startups and corporate product teams create products and services you probably use today. He is the Founder and President of Nine Labs, a digital product strategy, design, and experience consultancy operating in Atlanta and New York City.

He speaks at conferences and leads workshops around the world, and serves on the Advisory Board of multiple venture capital groups, accelerator programs, and private companies. He loves to speak about the intersection of business, design, and technology.

A serial entrepreneur with multiple exits, J started his first business in high school and never looked back.

Loops Book

Loops is the practical guide you need to get products out of your mind’s eye and into the real world. Seasoned product strategist and experience designer J Cornelius covers the processes, exercises, and methodologies used by some of the world’s fastest moving and most successful startups and corporate product teams to get out in front and stay there. This book will give you the tools you need to create products people love.

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