The Japanese concept of Ichigo Ichie can be super helpful for us to learn to live in the moment and pull the most out of life. It can also help us become better listeners.

What Is Ichigo Ichie?

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10 principles that sum up this Japanese philosophy:

Don’t postpone special moments.
Live as if this were going to happen only once in your life.
Do something you’ve never done before.
Practice seated meditation
Apply mindfulness to your five senses.
Notice coincidences.
Make every gathering a party.
If you don’t like what there is, make something different.
Be a hunter of special moments.

How to Be Mindfully Present With a Japanese Concept of Living the Moment
Why live in the past when it cannot be undone. Why live in the future when it’s undetermined. Live in the present, so you can be in harmony.

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By Nam Nguyen

Treat every moment as if it were the last

Doing crazy things because “You Only Live Once” is all negativity and irresponsibility. When you only live a moment once, you need to make it worth living, not throw it through the window. If one day you look in the mirror and know that it would be your last day, would you still dress for your 9-to-5 job?

Would you continue to chase material values if you knew you are living your last day on Earth?

Would you continue to have a dispute with your family if one of them were leaving you?

Would you continue to waste time and energy if what you have done so far were to become a legacy?

5 Habits of Extremely Good Listeners

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By Nick Wignall

Training yourself to be a better listener is the best way to drastically improve the quality of your relationships, from your spouse and children to bosses or coworkers.

Stop giving advice
Ask open-ended questions
Reflect back what you’re hearing
Validate their emotions
Validate your own emotions

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