Get ready for an eye-opening journey that will change how you see failure. Featuring Doug Black, developer and pastor, We’ll show you that it’s not the end but a chance to grow. We begin with the story of Mousetrap, a prototype that faced manufacturing issues but taught many valuable lessons. Then, we’ll inspire you with the tale of someone who overcame some servere health issues to compete in American Ninja Warrior, turning discomfort into strength. We discuss the power of a growth mindset in business. We touch on AI and community dynamics, emphasizing the importance of perseverance. Join us in this empowering conversation about embracing failure and coming out stronger with a new outlook.

About Doug

I grew up watching my entrepreneurial parents grow a business that allowed me and my family to have the life we have have today. I created tripleNERDscore to help businesses, churches, non-profits, and entrepreneurs, do the same thing…to bring their vision to life. I want to create opportunity together.


(0:00:01) – Embracing Failure and Moving Forward
Failure can be used to move forward, exploring Mousetrap’s prototype success and manufacturing disaster, and how failure is rarely fatal.

(0:14:14) – Living With a Rare Brain Injury
A personal journey of battling a rare brain injury, using pain as motivation, and competing on American Ninja Warrior is discussed.

(0:18:17) – Embracing Challenges and Overcoming Obstacles
The King and the rock motivate us to embrace discomfort and conflict to move forward.

(0:28:31) – Building a Growth Mindset-Based Business
Doug’s story of embracing failure and taking on two career paths is discussed, as well as how his ministry helps those in need.

(0:35:33) – Power of Ownership and Growth
Embrace failure using Ryan Holiday’s books, Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations, and the five steps of “Grow it, Own it, Con it, Hone it, Disown it” to turn it into a learning experience.

(0:47:38) – Never Giving Up and Community Dynamics
Never giving up, fixed vs. growth mindset, embracing failure, and EE community’s inclusivity are discussed.

(0:56:42) – Embracing AI and Its Future
We discuss AI’s power, implications of SkyNet, significance of the internet, and importance of open-mindedness.

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