Let’s navigate the labyrinth of influence with a deep dive into the complex world of social media, fitness, and leadership. We untangle the complex algorithms of platforms such as Google, YouTube, and Facebook, revealing how they rate expertise and the quality of content, and discuss how varying standards operate in each space. We also shine a light on the risks of misinformation that can result from the simplicity of ranking on the internet.

Venturing beyond the digital realm, we scrutinize the realm of fitness influencers on Instagram. We dissect the credibility they wield and the potential harm that can result from misinformation. Alongside this, we share our personal fitness journey, emphasizing the significance of sound advice and the potential pitfalls of unchecked enthusiasm. Our discussion opens up to include leadership and influence beyond all of that. We’ll introduce you to a unique idea – investing in others. We explore the potential benefits for both parties. We also dig into the five levels of influence, discussing the power of influence, and how to spot leaders worth following. So, buckle up for an episode that promises to be enlightening, informative, and thought-provoking. Join us on a journey of discovery and understanding, where we break down walls and build bridges of knowledge. Your journey to becoming an informed influencer starts here.


(0:00:01) – Influencers and Expertise in Social Media
We discussed Google, YouTube, and Facebook’s content quality standards, YouTube’s easier ranking algorithms, and veterans’ mobility issues.

(0:09:18) – Fitness Influencers Impact on Social Media
We explore the credibility of fitness influencers, advice on our initiative, and the transformation of one of us losing 20 pounds.

(0:12:38) – Levels of Influence in Leadership
Leadership and influence without dominance, credibility of fitness influencers, Google certifications, bro science and reliable sources discussed.

(0:25:23) – Navy SEALs, Books, and Influence
Navy SEALs’ transferable skills, fictional writers’ influence, morning routines’ popularity, extreme leadership, influencer power, and loyalty are discussed.

(0:32:26) – The Concept of Investing in Others
Investing in relationships takes time and can be done in various ways, from buying a meal to providing guidance, and can benefit both parties.

(0:37:33) – The Five Levels of Influence
Investing in relationships yields advantages, exploring selflessness and loyalty, and examining the power of influence.

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