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Mark Divine – “How to become more trustworthy”

@fieldcraftsurvival – THE US ARMY’S S.U.R.V.I.V.A.L. ACRONYM

Mark Manson – Best life lessons from 2020

@dailystoic – In order to learn anything, you must lose your ego and accept that you might look stupid at first.

@dailystoic – & Matthew McConaughey

Get “A’s” in just a few things – don’t do too much

Jocko – Doing the right thing

No matter what the situation, there is only one path that people must follow. In every case the only course is to consider what is the right thing to do and proceed in that direction.

Jigoro Kano, “Mind Over Muscle: Writings from the Founder of Judo”

Sean McCabe – How to start

Fraser on Froning

The Darren Woodson Show Ep. #83 

Episode Transcript

Welcome to the show, this is the weekly kind of weekly debrief, where I take you through some stuff I found on the social interwebs to see what kind of value we can pull out of the dumpster fire, that is social media. Here we go. First one, how to become more trustworthy. from one of my mentors, Mark Devine. He has this great post about how to become more trustworthy, you know, and it’s one of the things not necessarily being trustworthy. But I’ve been asked by people a couple of times, or they, you know, we’re talking about how can they be respected? How can they build respect? And I think it starts with being trustworthy. I think so does coach divine, his post here, how to become more trustworthy. Show integrity in all your actions. follow through on every commitment. Ask for help, even if you don’t think you need it. be transparent and reward transparency and others on your faults and screw ups, but commit to closing the gap. That’s how you that’s how it’s done, folks, right there, show integrity and everything you do, right? be that person that doesn’t talk shit about the other person, and let other people see you not talking shit. That’s just an example. follow through on every commitment, if you say you’re gonna do something, do it. I can’t tell you how many times someone has said I will be here, I will do x. I have this for you to borrow whatever. And then it just never materializes. And I lose. Like with me, that’s an instant, instant loss of respect. And I think it is a way to quickly gain respect with people is to just do the things you say you’ll do. And it seems simpler than it probably is. But you got to get it done. Ask for help, even if you don’t think you need it. Asking for help is one of those universal signs to people that you are humble. Right that you consider their abilities and opinions as valid. Okay, that’s when you can’t give out willy nilly. Right, but that’s how you do it. be transparent, and reward transparency and others. The best way to be transparent is to just tell the truth. You know, to yourself and to others, Own your faults in screw ups, but commit to closing the gap. So if you mess something up, own it, own it. But at the same time part of owning it is fixing it. Right? I don’t know where the quote came from, or first saw it in a video game. And it was don’t apologize, be better. Don’t apologize, comma, be better. Right? So you know, you can say you’re sorry, all day long. But if you keep doing the same things, you know, they’re not going to respect you anymore. They’re not gonna trust you. So don’t apologize. Just be better own them. But commit to fixing it actually fix it. Don’t just say it, do it. Ah, that feels good. Can we work on those things? I mean, I kind of hope so. I’ll try my hardest here. Next one on the list. From the field craft survival account. The US Army’s acronym survival su R. V IV. S stands for size of the situation. You use all your senses undue haste makes waste are remember where you are. The vanquish fear and panic, improvise v value living a act like the natives. l live by your widths, learn basic skills. Man size up the situation. Pay attention folks, you know, that’s the first thing to do in survival is just pay attention. Use all your senses, undue haste makes waste.

Stay alert. Don’t freak out. And no, that’s easier said than done. But that’s really what they’re getting out, they’re staying alert will help you not freaking out, you know, seeing it coming helps remember where you are. Okay part of paying attention is being aware of your surroundings and remembering what your surroundings are. Remember where you are. That can be the micro, the macro, right? vanquish fear and panic, you got to work on the things that are going to help you not be scared, right? If that’s, you know, getting some self defense training or if that’s training on how to be aware of your surroundings, that’s just parking your car in a different place, whatever it is. And then also the micro on that is just you got to push it out of your head to get through the situation, right? improvise, have the skills to be able to make changes on the fly. Right? How do you how do you get? How do you get? How do you work on not being scared, and the ability to improvise, you train you have to train if you have a train and then you’re in a situation was too late, you need to get some training now. Value living right Tony blauer a self defense instructor mentor guy that I have value living he talks about the thing that helps a lot of people survive a self defense scenario where they’ve had to use their skills or make it through something is his righteous indignation. Right? How dare you be the one doing this to me? Right and that comes directly from valuing your life not giving up act like the natives that’s it man. I think it was an Indiana Jones movie where they were stuck down in a tomb or something and like a fire started or whatever and all the rats were or the ring of air or something and all the rats were like going out a certain way and they determined that that’s the way they could go out. works much the same in that if you’re in a strange place and the people around you are doing something specific you should probably pay attention to that. Live by your will with learn basic skills. self explanatory. I just saw that one was kind of fun. Next one, Mark Manson always got a mark Manson wouldn’t hear he’s got Jim’s two or three times a day. I honestly don’t know how this guy writes this much good stuff. Best life lessons from 2020 solid stuff. Because 2020 was hard. sucked. sucked for everyone. I don’t know anyone that 2020 didn’t suck in some fashion. But your reality is what you make it right so best life lessons from 2020 you only really know who you are when everything is taken from you. Man right. That’s when the real you comes out. A crisis doesn’t change people. it amplifies who they really already are. Those two kind of go hand in hand.

A friend of mine Jason who teaches jujitsu wrestling and in combatives and stuff around for military and police he he always has something he writes on the right on the whiteboard or whatever and it’s a it’s if I can remember it. No one really cares who you are when you’re fresh. Who are you when you’re tired? Right so you know, the harder you fight or when the shit hits the fan. So the way to say that, that’s when you find out who you really are. When you need someone, and you ask them for help, and they either make excuses and blow you off or show up and help, that’s how you know. Right? So a crisis doesn’t change you. It just shows us who you really are. And it’s so true. And if you paid attention through 2020, you know who your real allies and friends are, you know more about yourself.

You know, how resilient you are, you know, what you need to work on. Number three, the little things are the most important. Seriously, right. Toilet paper? Who would have thought? Who would have thought? Social distancing is a great social filter. I don’t know exactly what he meant there. But it is interesting phenomenon to watch for sure.

Most things are both good and bad at the same time, right? I mean, you know, sitting there, binging on that 12 episode, Netflix series. Feels good, but it’s also bad at the same time. kind of goes for a lot of this stuff, you know, being home, like self quarantining, or however you want to say it being away from people, that’s really good, but also at the same time, man, it just sucks. by slowing down, everything somehow speeds up. Yeah. What is that? What is that? Like? What was that time warp from? April until like, November, you know, this is like a time warp. It was like, it was April and then it was election. But also, I did a ton of stuff. So I don’t understand. We consistently underestimate our resilience and adaptability. Seriously man, that the human creature will survive in the harshest of circumstances. But we are so accustomed to comfort. And basically the things that make us fat and lazy, we, it just we feel that pain of those things before the true pain of survival. And you know, I know there are people suffering but I think for the most part most of us in America are basically just feeling some basics. being taken, not basic, some some simple things that we should not feel the pain of removal, but we are like wearing a mask. Like I don’t care where you fall on it. Politically, I don’t I don’t give a shit. who you vote for honestly. But you know, it’s really not a giant. I mean, it sucks, but it’s I mean, come on. Just it’s not that huge of an inconvenience. You being a baby. Fear is dangerous. We’ve seen that firsthand. from the top to the bottom. Fear is dangerous. It’s it’s infectious and it’s weak. And you know, avoid it. Always be financially prepared. Number nine there. Uh huh. Easier said than done. But yeah, no kidding. Especially if you’re running your own business. You have no excuse to not be who you want to be. Hmm. Let’s do on that one. All right. From the daily stoic. I made another little video about this, but this is a good one. If you wish to improve, be content to appear clueless or stupid and extraneous matters. don’t wish to seem knowledgeable. And if some regard you is important, distrust yourself. Epictetus Epictetus. In order to learn anything, you must lose your ego and accept that you might look stupid at first. Yeah, seriously. Ego is the enemy. If you want to learn something, if you really want to learn, do you need to have a white belt mentality? We talk about that a lot in in martial arts, keep that white belt mentality. The moment you start thinking that, you know, everything’s The moment you can no longer learn. How many times have you heard from someone’s mouth? I know. I mean, my kids say it all the time. People like coach say it all the time. You know, you’d be like Hey, when you’re hitting those push presses, make sure you’re you know, make sure your elbow is your heads coming through the pocket and your elbows going behind your ear. Oh, I know. Okay, well if you knew why aren’t you doing it? Hey man, was about to my son. Hey, man, you need to make sure your rooms done rooms cleaned by the end of the day. I know. Okay, well if you knew why isn’t your room already clean? Like, I know is an excuse, but it’s also sort of like your

your egos protective thing. Throwing up that wall. Check yourself. Check yourself if you’re using that if you’re I know.

You should probably take note of that and, and shut up and listen. Right? Chances are the person saying it is not saying whatever they’re saying to you to try to make you feel stupid. They’re saying it because one, maybe it’s their job to maybe they see something you don’t. Three. Maybe they just love you and want to help you in four. Maybe you should just shut the hell up and learn. I love this one. That’s a really good one. So this one, another daily stoic. He’s talking to Matthew McConaughey. And I have an entire episode on Matthew McConaughey within a reference with a couple of his book, green lights is really good. Should you should definitely first listen to my review. And then secondly, go get his book, The audio books even better because he reads it himself and kind of with his own flavor, but his advice is make A’s and a few things. Right? Don’t get distracted by trying to do too much. Keep it simple, and focus. So try to be like the best you can be in a handful of things in this few things. And then do other things. Don’t try to be the best at everything. Because that’s never gonna happen. Focus, get focused. I’m reading this book right now, because of Jocko and here’s juncos thing. His quote from one of his shows from eurocon Oh, who is the founder of judo.

No matter

what the situation, there’s only one path that people must follow in every case. The only course is to consider what is the right thing to do and proceed in that direction. There’s always time to do the right thing. It’s always time to do the right thing. Shigeru Cano thought it Jocko thinks it

always do the right thing. That is the hero’s journey. Nuff said. This one is cool from Sean McCabe. How to Start I call this how to start is what I saw in it. He’s specifically talking about how to start writing. It could be anything. But let’s let’s work on this. The bottom line, make it messy. imperfect is okay. Focus on showing up. That’s it how to start just start. What’s the quickest way to get somewhere take a step how to start writing. Write a list of seven questions create a calendar event right set of in 20 minutes. Repeat daily, add one question each event description show up think out loud on the page. Make it messy imperfect is okay, focus on showing up. It’s just a quick outline on how to start writing how to start building the habit of writing and how to get into it. So this applies to anything not just writing, but we’re specifically talking about writing which is what Shawn’s talking about. I think back to Stephen King, it was the interview I heard with him and he said he you think of Stephen King super prolific, right? He’s got all these books and stories and movies and you think man he must write all the time. Well, he does. But


he doesn’t just do it when he’s inspired. He does it every day. It’s a discipline. He gets up. He goes and writes just like you get up and you go to work. It’s the same thing. When he wants to he writes when he does Want to read? He writes, when he’s sick, he writes, when he’s not quite there he writes, when it’s raining, he writes when it’s cold, he writes, do probably has pen and paper when the power’s out, he writes, right? That’s how it’s done.

It’s the same for anything you want to do. You have to create the discipline the habits, and you have to get over yourself. This is a great little list of how to start writing how to start building that daily habit. Thanks, john.

Locke, last one on my list. Is the Darren Woodson show recently, this is a shift in gears but maybe not talk about doing the right thing. The Darren Woodson podcast, they’re interviewing Matt Frazier, fittest man in history on the face of the earth. We’re asking him about his relationship with froning, the original fittest man on earth, all time. And he said he didn’t have a relationship. And he said some things. And then he got out of hand in non social media, and it got kind of built up and everyone was talking shit about each one of them. And it’s just kind of funny to watch. Things that we don’t know about. We have no background on because of social media and our willingness to gossip and not do the right thing. It can get blown out of proportion. It was really cool to later see them. I think froning he was like shaking Frazier’s hand he was like we talked leave us alone. And Frasier posted like we made up we’re friends go away. It’s just interesting. It goes back to that first one about being trustworthy try and and I feel that this because I sent I sent the podcast timestamp to a couple people that were like, Hey, listen to this apparently froning hates Frazier blah, blah, blah, and it was fun. But think about that. Think about that. how it applies to you in your politics applies to you and your relationships, your friends, plus you and your place of work. Are you doing something like that on a larger scale like personally in your world? Are you working on being better than that?

I know I am. It was fun, but I don’t like it. I don’t I don’t when I look back at what I did in that one particularly. I don’t like it. Anyway, I thought that was helpful. learn a little bit about myself. Always do thanks for tuning in to the show. Hit me up with some cool stuff you see along these lines I would love to learn from you if you have any questions I’m here for you. Catch you later. Get after y’all bought but it’s a powerful term. Not everyone can do it. You know not everyone can. There’s more to these things is more to this. These are just the you know the the things that the great warriors, the samurai and you know they pulled out they focused on these things zon Shin the fighting mind motion. Mind no mind. Foot ocean, the immovable mind. So good. If I can help you in any way, understand these more, or just kind of dig into something related or you want to tell me how wrong I am or whatever it might be. Hit me up. love to hear from you. Until next time. get after it, y’all

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