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This was originally a LIVE broadcast on our YouTube channel.

Championship Mindset

What it means to have a championship mindset. How it’s different than just being a person who achieves their goals and what it’s like to be around someone like that.

How competition can make you better.

  • How does competition make you better?
  • How does competition make the other person better?

Why is training on days when you don’t feel like it some of the most important times you can train?

What are some habits you can start to cultivate now, to help improve yourself:

  1. Trust your intuition (your gut.)
    1. Learn to listen to your inner voice. Often your initial gut feeling defines something, as long as it’s not just fear or some other de-motivating things…
  2. Just move.
    1. When in doubt just get going.
    2. When you feel really stuck, figure out what you can do to just keep the ball moving forward. Nothing is ever completed at a standstill.
  3. Keep your inner circle clean.
    1. The people you trust, confide in, share your plans with; keep the negativity out, the moment you let any toxicity in, it’s really hard to get it out.
  4. Keep your intake healthy
    1. It’s not just about eating healthy, what you read affects your mind too. If all you do is doomscroll all day, you will be influenced by it.
  5. Sleep
    1. Get what you need. Learn what the right amount is. Plan around it. Don’t be a dumbass about it though.
  6. Be Appreciative
    1. Find things to be happy about. Your friends, your family, your health, whatever. Practice it.
  7. Attack weakness
    1. Don’t run/hide from what you’re bad at. Embrace it, work on making it better. Every day. Little by little.
  8. Find one small thing and do it. Every. Day.
    1. Business, health, relationships, read… Do one thing every day that builds progress, just a bit.
  9. Mindful Journaling
    1. Don’t just journal every day. Be mindful about it, find 1-3 things each day that you are appreciative of or just things that went well for you.
  10. Limit social media use.
    1. Nuff said.
  11. Protect your time.
    1. Set aside time to do some of these things, or work on something for you. 
    2. Reverse Engineer your calendar: How I work my calendar/time to allow for blocks of time that are for me.

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