In our tech-dominated society, it’s easy to lose sight of what truly matters – our authenticity. Let’s dig deep into the essence of being true to oneself while grappling with the rapid advancements of technology that are reshaping our world.

Joni me and Sherard “Shekeese” Duvall as we look at the complexities of social pressures and the emotional labor involved in juggling different personas across varied contexts. In a world where digital communication overshadows face-to-face interactions, the episode emphasizes the lost art of active listening and the importance of eye contact in building genuine connections. We discuss the common frustrations of inattentive communication and the rich personal growth that stems from truly engaging with others.

Each chapter of the podcast delves into specific aspects of authenticity and technology:

  • The power of gratitude and the emotional resonance of life’s milestones.
  • The weight of social pressures and the strength found in personal integrity.
  • The fundamental role of eye contact and attentiveness in meaningful communication.
  • The delicate balance of thoughtful communication, particularly in the age of text and email.
  • The essence of carrying oneself with confidence and respect, drawing parallels from martial arts to everyday life.
  • The intricate relationship between humanity and technology, acknowledging both its benefits and potential harm.
  • The ubiquitous presence of screens and the importance of understanding our ‘screen world.’

This episode is not just a reflection but a call to action – to become more aware, prepared, and educated as we navigate the evolving digital landscape. It’s a reminder that in an age where technology can augment reality, our authenticity remains the most potent force of all.

AI Issues/Thoughts

Florida banning social media for kids under 14


ChatGPT’s AI video creator: https://openai.com/sora

TrueCrime Deepfakes: https://www.instagram.com/p/C3VwM-NPlI0/

AI robotic Arm: https://www.instagram.com/p/C4h42ZeutHt/

Neuralink, brain chip implant: https://www.bbc.com/news/business-68622781

“which is about the size of a one pound coin”

8 Really Small Things You Do That Say A lot About You


  1. How You Respond to Social Pressure
  2. Whether or Not You Keep Your Word
  3. The Little Phrases You Use
  4. How Quickly You Break Eye Contact
  5. How Often You Use This Acronym ‘lol’
  6. The Way You Use Your Voice
  7. How You Carry Yourself
  8. How Much You Complain


(0:00:01) – Life Reflections and Gratitude Practice
Black belt ceremony, personal growth, gratitude, and life’s journey from humble beginnings to success.

(0:11:20) – Navigating Social Pressures and Personal Integrity
Managing separate personal and professional worlds, hiding true self, individuality, keeping one’s word in relationships.

(0:21:55) – The Importance of Eye Contact
Eye contact as a protective measure, assessing authenticity, giving undivided attention, frustration with inattentive people, personal growth, and genuine engagement.

(0:28:28) – The Value of Thoughtful Communication
Text-based communication limitations, importance of reviewing messages, managing relationships and projects, and the value of patience and craftsmanship.

(0:42:25) – Carry Yourself With Confidence and Respect
Body language and presence in self-defense and everyday life, ‘moving correctly’ in hip-hop culture, and the unwritten ‘code’ in martial arts.

(0:55:59) – Impact of Technology on Humanity
Humanity’s complex relationship with technology, the lure of convenience, need for regulation, and moral implications of enjoying modern conveniences.

(1:09:37) – Impact of Technology on Society
Screen-dominated world demands participation without proper education, deceptive simplicity of interfaces, frustrations with subscriptions and streaming services.

(1:16:46) – Artificial Intelligence and Media Literacy
Nature’s unsettling advancements in technology and AI, media literacy as self-defense, and the need for tech adaptation and education.

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