How would you even know you were a workaholic or not? You may be experiencing some poor physical symptoms born out of stress, or feeling a ton of anxiety about things. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to see how you’re stacking up.

We turned the microscope on ourselves and when through the following questions to see how we both stacked up to being a workaholic. Turns out we really aren’t but do have some tendencies that might make it seem that way. There is some nuance to these qualities that you should probably take a long hard look in the mirror over. How do you score yourself?

Referencing the article “Tim Ferriss’s Assistant’s Sudden Resignation Serves as a Warning for Trying to Have It All

How to check in on yourself to see if you’re a workaholic:

The Charlie and Tim Ferris story – how Charlie almost worked himself to death (for real.)

  • Do I feel guilty or anxious when I’m not working?
  • Have I stopped playing with my friends?
  • Do all of my daily activities revolve around building a more successful career?
  • Am I always sleeping fewer than eight hours per night?
  • Am I consuming stimulants multiple times per day to hide my exhaustion?
  • Am I sitting still and staring at screens for most of my waking hours?
  • Do I interact with people primarily through screens?
  • Am I indoors all day long, depriving myself of fresh air and sunlight?
  • Do I depend on alcohol or drugs to cope with social situations outside of work?

Ask yourself, “is this worth it?” Would you still be doing all this work if your doctor told you that you had incurable cancer and had four weeks to live?

Probably not.


  • Stop taking on so much work
  • Stop kissing the butt of a boss
  • Say no a helluva lot more
  • Stop people-pleasing
  • Add more play to your life

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