Some in’s and out’s on Anger and how it can manifest itself into Aggression, as well as how you can control your emotional reactions to it all.

Heather and I talk through some different aspects of ANGER based around this really compelling article on it and how it manifests itself into aggression. We talk through some ways to look at your emotional vocabulary as you work to come to terms with controlling your response to emotions/anger.

There are eight key ideas about the psychology of anger that most people don’t understand. If you want to change the role of anger in your life, you must first understand how it really works.

1. Anger is different to aggression. Don’t confuse the emotion of anger with the mental or physical act of being aggressive.

2. You can’t control anger directly. We can influence our emotions indirectly via our thoughts and behaviours, but we can’t control them directly.

3. You can control your aggression. Even though aggressive thoughts and behaviours can become habitual, they are still fundamentally under our control — especially if we do the work to become more aware of them and how they work.

4. Trying to control your anger makes it harder to control your aggression. “Anger Management” is a misnomer; it should be called “Aggression Management.”

5. Rumination and venting only intensify anger. Strive to address the source of your anger, not the anger itself.

6. The emotion of anger is not negative or bad just because the actions that follow it often are. Getting judgmental with yourself for feeling angry only makes it harder to respond to anger constructively.

7. Anger feels good, which means we often seek it out and try to maintain it. Avoid using anger as an emotional crutch and try to cultivate healthier ways of dealing with emotional pain.

8. Anger takes many forms, from mild impatience to road rage. To better understand your anger, increase your emotional vocabulary.

Full article by Nick Wignall on Medium here: https://medium.com/mind-cafe/the-secret-life-of-anger-6b0629ec7fa7

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