We discuss ways you may be angry and not really know it as well as ways to look at changing your overall mindset – we also dig into some of the “Great Resignation” and what we’ve seen with that so far as it relates to mindset and anger.

How angry are you? Some ways to look at changing your overall mindset.

You might be angrier than you think you are


There’s nothing wrong with being angry. It’s a normal human emotion and has a great many important functions. But if you’re in denial about your anger that’s when you can get into trouble.

These 5 signs are useful indicators to help you explore the role that anger may or may not play in your life:

  1. Control (lack of control)
  2. Chronic Anxiety
  3. Rumination
  4. Passive-Aggressive Communication
  5. Venting
  6. Hypercriticism

3 Things That Changed My Mindset Forever


  1. Realizing that you are not your thoughts
  2. Staying in a bad situation will not make it any better
  3. The way you treat other people is a projection of your own internal struggles

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