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“Scars to prove it”

We went through the major stories she shared from her Talk at Owner Summit, New Orleans earlier this year.

  1. Tangled in Tax trouble
  2. Kept bad people too long
  3. Partnership (dis)agreements
  4. Involved in a lawsuit
  5. Hired the wrong people
  6. Tried to outsource something
  7. High rate loans

She just acquired a small eCommerce development agency and is working on realigning that business. She purchased a cafe in St. Pete, FL and is taking over our favorite Front End Design Conference in 2021 and can’t wait to get that gang back together 😉


Helen Keller

Andi Graham

CEO & Managing Partner out of St. Petersburg, FL  / Colorado Springs, CO

Web / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Bio on her website

Andi Graham is the founder, CEO and managing partner at Big Sea, a 20-person digital marketing agency with offices in St. Petersburg, Florida and Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Starting in 2005 as a web design agency, Big Sea added digital marketing to its service offerings in 2012—and has been living that MRR life ever since. Over the years, Big Sea has serviced clients in just about every vertical, but has particular concentration in higher education, healthcare, museums/attractions and B2B with a focus on marketing that matters.

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